BK Group has launched the BK Foundation to provide grant funding to organizations with the aim of achieving measurable impact for the betterment of the Rwandan communities, by addressing needs in the areas of education, innovation, and environmental conservation. BK Foundation will enhance its focus on financial literacy, and we will support key opportunity areas within Rwanda, with ESG at the core of its work.

We will listen, learn, and rely on evidence-based data to determine the most effective funding solutions, and ensure continued collaboration throughout the life cycle of the awarded grant and organization.

Impact Vision

BK Foundation Vision

Positively transform the lives of all Rwandans, positioning Rwanda for a prosperous future.

BK Foundation Mission

Address unmet needs in education, innovation, and environmental conservation, to support key opportunities within Rwanda.

Impact Vision

We will invest in initiatives in educationinnovation, and environmental conservation, with the intention to generate measurable, beneficial social and environmental impact