Rwanda is committed to transitioning into a knowledge-based economy and recognizes education as a vital component. To achieve this, efforts are focused on building a skilled workforce capable of competing both regionally and internationally. Supporting early childhood development and enhancing vocational skills, especially among youth and women, are prioritized to promote continued education and employment. Additionally, investing in financial literacy and offering training to high school students on personal finance management, budgeting, and investing aims to improve people’s standard of living and reduce income inequality. To bridge the skills gap during entry into the workforce, market-driven technical and vocational skills training programs are offered through TVET. STEM education is also emphasized to ensure Rwandan youth have the skills required to thrive in today’s digital and interconnected world.


BK Foundation supports innovation-related projects and local entrepreneurs who are passionate about finding creative ways to solve the region’s social, financial, and environmental challenges. We will encourage talented Rwandan youth to experiment with new ideas, take manageable risks, learn from failure, and have the resilience to try again.

Environmental Conservation

We work with strategic partners to conserve our environment, by taking measures to lower pollution, our carbon footprint, and reduce waste, through sustainable management of environmental conservation such as planting trees, sustainable waste management initiatives, water pollution management, water and natural resources  management, greenspace in urbanization, and enabling access to renewable energy in rural areas through the deployment of solar energy solutions.

OUR ESG PILLAR: Environmental, Social, Governance

Doing Well by Doing Good.

BK Foundation strives to be an agent for good and positive change by making a difference in our communities, which benefits both our people and the planet. Our ESG and sustainability approach is aimed at achieving our triple bottom line and long-term success while contributing to social and economic development, a stable and empowered Rwandan community, and a healthy environment.

The need for ESG adoption is strongly backed by national and international legislations and changes in ecosystem’s needs. BK Foundation is committed to mitigating and avoiding social and environmental risks across our operational decisions with a particular focus on capitalizing on ESG opportunities for innovation and creating shareholder value across the BK Group.

BK partners with Our Past Initiative to build a menstrual hygiene management room in Ngeruka

Awakening an understanding of sciences and technology will ensure Rwandan youth have the skills required for the changing landscape of work in today’s digital and interconnected world.

Bank of Kigali Plc and Our Past Initiative , NGO educating the youth on the Genocide against the Tutsi

On Saturday, June 5th, Bank of Kigali Plc and Our Past Initiative, an NGO which aims at educating the youth on the Genocide against the Tutsi and help vulnerable survivors, were joined by Bugesera District

The first robotics boot camp kicked off in Kigali yesterday

The first robotics boot camp kicked off in Kigali yesterday, bringing together at least 40 outstanding students (20 boys and 20 girls) from 20 schools across the country. The three-weeks ‘Robotics Camp Rwanda 2018’, organised by Bank of Kigali….